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"One aspect of Dr. Choy’s treatment that I have always appreciated is his incorporation of science-based explanation in working with my disorders... He has been a true partner on the battlefield that is mental health, a support in tough times and a clear-sighted professional when I needed structure and direction... "  


"Dr. Choy supported me through 5 of the hardest years of my life with no judgements, and endless positive regard... I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had such a skilled mentor and would recommend him to anyone seeking therapeutic services."  


"In a relatively short time period through working with Dr. Choy, my life has quite literally transformed... 

I began to perform at work in ways I could only wish for before, resulting in a promotion, a new job, with a new company, all of which better aligned with my true self, and have driven much greater fulfillment in my daily work life...I'm becoming the person I've always wanted to be..." 


"Dr. Choy has given me new knowledge and tools that have enabled me to create a more fulfilling personal and professional life and richer, more loving relationships with family and friends in a way that I had never before experienced. I feel incredibly lucky to be his patient and am grateful for how he has transformed my life."


"I learned how to trust. I learned I do not have to struggle alone....I learned effective treatment changes everything from my brain circuitry to how I think, feel and experience my everyday life....Dr. Choy created a place where I can work on my issues, and grieve complicated losses. I would like to say I got my life back or learned how to live again. In truth, I’m learning how to step into my own life for the first time. "


"When I first started meeting Dr. Choy, I was lost, exhausted and helpless...he accompanied me through a self-discovering journey and encouraged me to face the feelings I repeatedly tried to avoid...I finally know how to love myself and cultivate better relationships with my loved ones..." 


"I have been to multiple therapists and psychiatrists over the past 10 years, but it wasn’t until I started seeing Dr.Choy...that my life began to drastically turn around...I look forward to each session with Dr.Choy, for it can be rare to find a place of such emotional safety and healing in what would be my otherwise turbulent life.


"Dr. Choy explained the changes my brain was going through as I built new, stronger cognition and decision-making pathways. It made sense. And continues to work. Every day is not perfect, but every day is surely better.


"His guidance has been life changing, and I will be forever grateful...He has taught me the importance of identifying emotions as they come...and how the simple act of identifying that emotion roots you back into the present and takes you out of a downward spiral...I feel happier, more confident, and more successful."


"We soon discovered through sessions that my previous diagnosis was wrong...It was like a light bulb went off in my head...Once I started taking medication and using tools that Dr. Choy recommended (like meditation and exercise) I started truly thriving for the first time in my life."


"I have struggled my whole life trying to combat mental illness...after months  and years of raw excruciating work in therapy, I was feeling better...I am able to make a mental shift to accept and love myself and my ordinary life. That is the essence of my ongoing recovery."


"After seeing a number of therapists over the years it wasn’t my intention to undergo therapy again, nor did I believe I would benefit much if I did. I was wrong...I cannot express the importance of spending the time and energy to find the best therapist to help you along your path. With Dr. Choy I know I have found that individual.”


"His diagnosis changed my life...the clouds lifted and it felt as though I could see clearly for the first time in my life. It wasn't easy, I worked very hard and Dr. Choy helped me through the transition to a life with less confusion and heartache to a life with more Love and Acceptance."


"When I met Dr. Choy, I knew that I’d found the right doctor for me. As a science guy myself, I have an obsession with asking what, why and how. Dr. Choy explained the neurophysiological bases of the difficulties that I’d been experiencing in great detail."


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