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“I sought out Dr. Choy for medication management after moving to the Bay Area a few years ago. After seeing a number of therapists over the years it wasn’t my intention to undergo therapy again, nor did I believe I would benefit much if I did. I was wrong. After meeting Dr. Choy and discussing my therapeutic history, it became clear that there was still work to be done. We began meeting on a regular schedule and he also adjusted my medication type and amount. During our meetings I always found Dr. Choy to be incredibly attentive and present, which was important since I’d experienced other therapists who would answer texts or be otherwise disengaged during a session. Dr. Choy is also committed to continuously evolving as a professional, of which I am particularly appreciative. He shares new research findings and insights from the field and uses this information to improve his practice with patients. I cannot express the importance of spending the time and energy to find the best therapist to help you along your path. With Dr. Choy I know I have found that individual.”


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