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Mental Wellness


Achieving Your Full Potential

I specialize in clinical neuroscience, particularly neuroenhancement - optimizing the function of the adult brain, which is still very capable of growing and rewiring itself. By harnessing the brain's wonderful capacity for neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, I help my patients exceed their status quo and reach their full potential.

Neuroenhancement is effective for improving overall
well-being. Treatment helps with reducing stress in everyday life and improving performance and functioning in school, work, and personal and social relationships. My treatment enables my patients to overcome persistent difficulties and challenges. I especially help my patients achieve an improved sense of well-being and discover greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

"When I met Dr. Choy, I knew that I found the right doctor for me. As a science guy myself, I have an obsession with asking what, why and how. Dr. Choy explained the neurophysiological bases of the difficulties that I’d been experiencing in great detail."

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