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"I sought Dr. Choy's help after I had begun to feel nearly incapacitated by depression.  I recall our initial meeting - in a mental fog of pain and anxiety, I stumbled through a shattered and disorganized account of self loathing.  I was so sure Dr. Choy had to be sitting across from me thinking what a pitiful failure I was, but he never showed a hint of judgment and just asked questions to better understand, acknowledged what I was saying as he put together the pieces and encouraged me to continue.  At the time, I was skeptical of therapy and eager to find an excuse to abandon it before I even got started.  Dr. Choy's kindness connected with the part of me that was desperate for help, though, and we scheduled our next appointment.  

That was over four and half years ago.  I'll admit my initial progress was slow.  Very slow.  I can be incredibly stubborn, especially when challenged to accept difficult truths about myself.  Still, each week, Dr. Choy met me with the same patience, persistence and kindness and, although at first imperceptible to me, I began to change.  Dr. Choy's proactive coaching and mentorship have taught me a new emotional language, boosted my EQ and provided a secure foundation to build an acceptance of ADHD and confront deep issues such as shame.  Dr. Choy has given me new knowledge and tools that have enabled me to create a more fulfilling personal and professional life and richer, more loving relationships with family and friends in a way that I had never before experienced.  I feel incredibly lucky to be his patient and am grateful for how he has transformed my life."


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