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"In a relatively short time period through working with Dr. Choy, my life has quite literally transformed. My marriage and career were failing, I was suffering from depression, and was caught in the cycle of self-destructive addiction. I'd been suffering from the same negative patterns for many years, the majority of my adult life. Even with the help of previous therapists, I was unable to make a change.

Dr. Choy was able to quickly make the right diagnosis, provide me with the right tools, and help me set transformational plans in place that turned every major area of my life around. I was able to not only salvage my marriage, but have since taken relationships my spouse and family to unprecedented levels of happiness and intimacy. I have, for the first time, been able to truly overcome the grips of my addiction. Lastly I began to perform at work in ways I could only wish for before, resulting in a promotion, a new job, with a new company, all of which better aligned with my true self, and have driven much greater fulfillment in my daily work life.

I'm becoming the person I've always wanted to be, and living the life I've always wanted. My belief is that God is at the foundation our life plans and blessings, but he brought Dr. Choy and his unique approach into mine. For that I am extremely thankful."


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