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"Reading through Dr. Choy’s testimonials, I am reminded how fortunate I am to have found him and glad others have benefitted as wondrously from the association as I have. I have always been a high functioning individual, but perseverance alone failed me when I had to face some of life’s bigger conflicts. I pursued a lifestyle full of escape seeking behavior and decisions based on instant gratification — and accepted the concomitant peril, which didn’t always serve me well to say the least. With other  prior psychiatrists, I had tried anti-anxiety and even bi-polar interventions for years, but to no avail. After three or four sessions, Dr. Choy suggested I might be ADHD and we started a moderate pharmacotherapy regimen.  It was transformative almost immediately.  Conflict continued to exist and all my bad coping and conflict avoidance crutches didn’t immediately fall away, but gradually I felt more integrated and assured and operating from the front (courageous) part of my brain, rather than the back of my brain (the fearful, fight or flight command post). Dr. Choy explained the changes my brain was going through as I built new, stronger cognition and decision-making pathways. It made sense. And continues to work. Every day is not perfect, but every day is surely better. I am hopeful, content and happy.


As for temperament, Dr. Choy is smart, kind, direct and compassionate. And without judgement. I am truly grateful for him and his desire for me to have a better life. I thank God for all His blessing in my life. I also thank God for putting me in front of Dr. Choy.


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