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"I started seeing Dr. Choy a few years ago after 10 years with other therapists and psychiatrists. Even with the years of help from the other professionals I was not thriving in life, just surviving. My moods were up and down, and even with medication, I was struggling with excelling at life. My behavior was self destructive and more reflective of a middle school child, than an adult.


When I started seeing Dr. Choy he questioned my previous diagnosis. We soon discovered through sessions that my previous diagnosis was wrong, and Dr. Choy started treating me for ADHD. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and my life. My childhood and previous behavior made so much more sense. Once I started taking medication and using tools that Dr. Choy recommended (like meditation and exercise) I started truly thriving for the first time in my life. I have a much better handle on my emotions and behavior, and am doing great at my job. I no longer feel stunted emotionally or with my behavior.


Thank you to Dr. Choy for spending the time and really understanding what I was dealing with. It really is life-changing to have a correct medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Thank you for taking me from just surviving to thriving."


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