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"Having gone through cycles of depression while juggling a career, kids and ailing family members, I was lucky to find Dr. Choy. He worked with compassion to help me understand myself and manage my darkness. With his brilliant coaching and immense support, I gained knowledge as well as valuable insight to grow, so I am now ready to welcome a fuller life.


When I first started meeting Dr. Choy, I was lost, exhausted and helpless. The medication previously prescribed by my family doctor offered little improvement. Tirelessly, Dr. Choy examined my past with care and took me through alternative treatments. As the healing process continued, I learned from Dr. Choy how the brain functions and how ADHD has affected me for decades. For over three years, he accompanied me through a self-discovering journey and encouraged me to face the feelings I repeatedly tried to avoid. Combining medication and therapy with mental training techniques, Dr. Choy equipped me with tools to accept myself as I navigated around my condition.


I am grateful to Dr. Choy for his kindness and skills in guiding my transformation. Like an inspiring teacher, he helps me figure out my own path instead of handing out a prepared plan. Under his care in a safe and open environment, I feel comfortable to address my delinquencies. I finally know how to love myself and cultivate better relationships with my loved ones. Despite the long and challenging course, Dr. Choy stood by my side to make this a wonderful learning experience. I am truly thankful for his dedication."


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