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"As a doctoral student in clinical psychology, I can only assume to be a challenging and picky client. When I sought out Dr. Choy, I was new to the bay area and seeking medication management for ADHD; five years later, the experience I walked away with was ineffable. Throughout the course of our work together I gained a better understanding of ADHD and as a result a better understanding of who I am. Dr. Choy supported me through 5 of the hardest years of my life with no judgements, and endless positive regard. He met me where I was at emotionally, and through him I developed a healthier relationship with my emotions. Dr. Choy helped me work through and grieve tremendous loss, encouraged me through great successes, and helped me to understand my strengths and deficits. He is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful in his approach with clients. I not only utilize the skills I have learned in my own life everyday but also use our experience together as a constant check point for improving my abilities as a therapist. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had such a skilled mentor and would recommend him to anyone seeking therapeutic services."


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