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The Cutting Edge in Psychiatry & Wellness
Transcending Mental Illness toward Mental Wellness

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Dr. Lawrence Choy is a Stanford trained board certified psychiatrist in Silicon Valley. He is an experienced clinician specializing in Mental Wellness, Adult ADHD, and Clinical Neuroscience. 


He combines his clinical expertise in brain plasticity, psychotherapy, and wellness approaches to develop cutting edge, personalized, and effective treatments for his patients. 


His innovative approach helps others improve cognitive & emotional abilities, and optimize executive functioning, guiding them to overcome lifelong challenges, develop resilience, and perform better overall, ultimately achieving a greater sense of meaning & purpose in life. 

"When I first started meeting Dr. Choy, I was lost, exhausted and helpless...he accompanied me through a self-discovering journey and encouraged me to face the feelings I repeatedly tried to avoid...I finally know how to love myself and cultivate better relationships with my loved ones..." 

"One aspect of Dr. Choy’s treatment that I have always appreciated is his incorporation of science-based explanation in working with my disorders... He has been a true partner on the battlefield that is mental health, a support in tough times and a clear-sighted professional when I needed structure and direction..."  

"Dr. Choy explained the changes my brain was going through as I built new, stronger cognition and decision-making pathways. It made sense. And continues to work. Every day is not perfect, but every day is surely better."  

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. 
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